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Programme Director, Airport Master Systems Integrations, UAE (DBX)

AIRPORT: The Programme Director is responsible, on behalf of the Steering Board, for successful delivery of the programme. The role requires the effective co-ordination of the projects, suppliers, other trades and their inter-dependencies, and any risks and other issues that may arise. The Programme Director is responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of the programme, and develops and maintains the programme environment to support each individual project within it - typically through the Programme Office function.

The role ensures delivery requirements for programmes or multiple projects are met using best practice guidelines. The role holder supports pre and post sales activities in relation to the delivery of projects, services or programmes and ensures that the benefits to the business are met by delivering an overall return on the organisation’s investment.


  • Ideally 10 years or more in Project or Programme Management having managed with a proven Project Management methodology one or more large sized critical projects with full budget control in a commercial environment.

  • Preferred experience of managing within Construction environments with an understanding of FIDIC based contracts

  • Preferred experience of Aviation industry especially Airports

  • Working across international boundaries with a mix of on-shore and off-shore resource management

  • Ideally 5 years in IT Solutions Provider / Computer Services environment such as IBM, CSC, HP, Accenture, TCS, Logica etc.

Knowledge & Skills:

Must have the necessary seniority to be able to take on the responsibilities required of the role. The balance of skills required of the Programme Director often changes as the programme develops: the person with the skills to set up the programme may not necessarily be the right person to drive through its implementation. ·

  • Effective leadership, interpersonal and communication skills;

  • The ability to command respect and to create a sense of community amongst the often disparate members of the project teams;

  • Good knowledge of techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling programmes;

  • Good knowledge of programme and project management approaches;

  • Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures;

  • Sufficient seniority and credibility to advise project teams on their projects in relation to the programme; and the ability to find ways of solving or pre-empting problems;

  • Apply quality management principles and processes;

  • Apply risk assessment and management principles and processes;

  • Network effectively, negotiate well and influence people, broker relationships with stakeholders within and outside the project;

  • Be aware of the broader perspective and how it affects the project.

Profession Competencies:

  • Customer Focus

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Organisational Awareness

  • Planning & Organizing

  • Resource Management

  • Results Management

  • Supplier Relationship Management

  • Scope Management

  • Cost & Time Management

  • Quality orientation

  • Risk Management.

Education & Qualifications:

  • University degree or equivalent.

  • Formal project management training and certification – PMP® certified (or equivalent).

  • Special interest in any Programme Management (e.g. MSP) qualifications.

Duration: 12 months + or permanent.

Rate: Please quote your best hour/day rate or expected salary.

Client will consider freelance or full time employees for this role.



Ref: S1-A-PDir-AMS

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