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Product Manager – Air Transport Industry, UK (LHR) & some travel to Singapore

AIR TRANSPORT: Achieve the strategic, financial and customer satisfaction objectives for the given product(s). This role will shape the strategy to achieve revenue and profit growth of a product(s) in line with the Client’s strategic plans and manage performance of the product line throughout its product life cycle. The IoT (Internet of Things) product manager will be in charge managing and developing the IoT portfolio. He/she will be in charge of managing and launching products, capabilities, modules and performs forming an accurate market assessment, following the product creation process and supporting sales and business development teams to promote the new services/products.

The area of responsibility will encompass: Smart Devices (“Things”), IoT connectivity (in cooperation with the connectivity team), IoT platform, data and analytics.

Key Responsibilities:

Product Strategy

  • Analyze and understand IoT ecosystem, market trends and the customer needs

  • Articulate and document the product vision strategy and define the target market in line with market trends, customer needs and strategy.

Product Innovation/Definition

  • Active contribution with Innovation team to ensure efficient transfers and commercialization

  • Through an understanding of customer needs, the competitive landscape and market trends, propose product innovations, as well as requirements for enhancements to existing products/services.

Define product functional requirements

  • Guide product development project throughout the build/launch process to ensure delivery of the right product to market, within the agreed timescales

  • Participate in cross functional teams that ensure the timely/cost effective and quality delivery of product developments and product performance

  • Contribute to the management of partnerships and supplier relationships

  • Monitor and manage the cost structure related to the product.

Product Roadmap/ Life Cycle Management

  • Develop and manage the product roadmap throughout the lifecycle from conception to retirement

  • Track the product(s) P&L, revenue, new business and profitability including competitive pricing of the product(s) in the marketplace to achieve desired sales volumes/optimized profit.

Propose product investments

  • Maintain relation with content provider and manage (via partners) the multimedia content.

Product Marketing/Value Proposition/Market Intelligence

  • Define and develop the product value proposition

  • Responsible for all product marketing activities during the lifetime of the product including the implementation of the product launch plan, promotional and collateral support plan and sales support/infrastructure plan to drive the successful acquisition and retention of customers

  • Organize, run and work with user groups and other customer forums to develop customer relationships and influence market thinking.

Product Pricing Strategy

  • Benchmark existing market pricing (competitors)

  • Define a pricing strategy for the product(s)

  • Define business models alternative options.

Product Performance

  • Responsible for achieving product financial, customer satisfaction and business objectives.

Product Management Practice

  • Ensure communication of the `project plans progress tracking' to all relevant parties

  • Comply with Product Management procedures and best practice

  • Act as coordinator for those working on the product development, stage gate and product projects.

Sales/Channel Strategy and Support

  • Establish and implement an effective channel 'go to market' strategy for the products, to include an agreed and executed sales and marketing plan

  • Support bid management processes and pre-sales customer interactions

  • Support Sales forces with a clear product value proposition and training.



6-8 years relevant business experience in a high-tech, global company

Experience in matrix organizational environment

Previous experience working with partners, and/or in ATI (Air Transport Industry) environment may be a plus.


  • Experience in IoT and/or M2M topics

  • Strong understanding of IoT capabilities on “things” (devices), IoT connectivity, IoT platforms, app and data presentation and finally IoT “use cases”

  • Track record in defining strategy and following its execution

  • Very good understanding of the latest trends and innovations within IoT/M2M

  • Partner landscape and partner management experience

  • Ability to conduct customer Business Process analysis (identified issue, understand user pain point and articulate a solution)

  • Develop project business cases and customer Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Innovation skills and a track record of significant experience in defining market requirements and functional specifications

  • Delivery of clear messages, presentations and product related documents

  • Excellent communication skills (written, presentation & verbal)

  • Customer facing experience and skilled in presenting & convincing customers.

A plus:

  • Track record within Air Transport Industry

  • IoT or M2M project expertise

  • Experience in mobile application development or application specification

  • Experience in cloud services

  • Process optimization knowledge.


  • At least Bachelor degree level or equivalent in a technical or business discipline, preferably in Computer Science or Risk management or similar

  • Masters degree preferred

  • Proficient in English (French a plus).

This is a full time position.



​Ref: S1-A-PM

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