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BI Consulting: aid airline to develop BI Roadmap & finalise Business Plan for a BI-as-a-service proposal

UK & Western Europe

Support the client’s product manager in the development of a Business Intelligence Initial Business Plan. The initial version of the business intelligence solution is a PNR-based data warehouse against which requirements of 'Customer 2' will be validated. The business plan should indicate how the client will engage versus the aviation company and the airline. The 'Managed BI and Data Mart Solution' must be designed to support smaller airline customers. Any development should, to the extent possible, be justified by short/medium-term revenues. As a result, the first version of the business plan should indicate: a clear definition of the solution that will be offered to its customer base; an understanding of the client’s competitive advantage; the requirements if Customer 2/the airline should leverage the initial configuration of the aviation company’s Data Mart solution; how new customers will be acquired; a long-term vision and a step-by-step investment policy avoiding a 'big-bang' investment; and economic model that shows how the client will make money with a solution approach.