Welcome to become an Associate. If you are a contractor/freelance consultant or you are actively marketing the fact that you are available for work, then this service is for you. Details of the network's benefits are below and we look forward to working with you. If you are quietly looking at opportunities, please use our confidential & passive registration process and follow vacancies. Thank you.


Management, Technical and Analysis professional network for seeking new opportunities as independent consultants or full time employees.

  • Which Consulting, Which Recruitment & Which Associates will market your skills internationally as highly capable pre-vetted Consultants for contracts or vacancies.​

  • Associates will be offered funding at discounted rates along with invoice protection, collections and full back office support.

  • Associates referring candidates through the network will receive a profit share bonus on any contingent placement fees.

  • Associates will be given access to quote against or recommend colleagues for all suitable tenders, projects, contracts and vacancies.

  • Associates who Introduce new Clients for contracts, projects, vacancies will receive a profit share when realised through the network.

  • Associates are also able to utilise the network for their own projects, contracts or vacancies and can apply pre-agreed companywide discounts or turnover rebates.

  • Associates can partner with the network to quote on international projects, contracts, tenders or RFPs with a guaranteed best in market, price checked, rapid reply.​

  • Associates are able to utilise the network for discounted: consulting, funding, recruitment, support, outsourcing, visa acquisition, relocation and mobilisation services.


  • Advisory Associates & Mentors provide guidance and high level knowledge transfer in support of the network but are not available for engagements.