Simon Pitt

Consulting Associate

Simon is a professional, highly motivated commercial manager, with extensive knowledge of the international airline, travel and tourism industry. He is able to demonstrate a proven track record of achievement in attaining commercial objectives, developing and executing, marketing and sales, strategies and plans, implementing change, and working across cultures.   


Simon has over 28 years of experience working in the Revenue Management, Commercial, Sales and Marketing, and Finance arenas in Australia, Japan, UAE, USA and UK. 


He has recently been working for Emirates to deliver best practice in origin and destination inventory management, and manage a team of Flight Analysts to continuously improve network revenue performance.  

Whilst with Air Canada Simon developed and implemented strategies and plans with Country Managers and GSA’s to deliver the regions revenue target of CAD 815 million, half of which is derived from Japan.

With Virgin Australia he turned around international long-haul routes from losses to a break-even position in the first 12 months.

Simon was also responsible for the Revenue Management relationship with strategic airline partners of Air New Zealand, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways, and Singapore  Airlines. All four partnerships managed as joint ventures with anti-trust immunity, requiring co-ordinated and aligned joint sales, marketing, distribution and revenue management strategies to maximise the value of each partnership.


Simon is a general manager possessing skills of leadership, communications, project management and resource management, including people, budgeting and systems, which enable the achievement of goals across diverse cultures, both national and corporate.