Joseph Polizzi

International Projects & Due-Diligence

Advisory Associate

Which Consulting ltd

Currently Joe is focusing on International Projects, with particular emphasis on project and business plan due-diligence.


Joe has over 30 years journalism experience and is exceptionally detail oriented. He has introduced multiple contacts with beneficial outcomes in both business and personal matters across a range of industries and circumstances.


For the last 30 years Joe has focused on people and their stories. In that time, he has encountered countless unique individuals from all walks of life and garnered an enviable contacts list including some of the most influential people in the world. Joe's relationship with them, developed over years of mutually beneficial dealings, has put him in a position to recommend and introduce other trusted contacts, having first established unimpeachable credibility.


Joe is a resourceful and resilient worker, strong in character and with a sharp creative mind; he is one of those rare, talented individuals with the potential to change the world (client testimonial, not his own words).




  • Africa

  • Connector

  • Media consultant; image management

  • Published author (investigative biography); consultant to ongoing film adaptation project

  • Award-winning hard news and features journalist with 30 years’ practical experience.