Gabriela Gallardo

Consulting Associate

Gabriela has 17 years of experience as a Project Manager, largely within the Aviation sector. She has excellent leadership skills and is able to work with multidisciplinary teams and different cultures, in conditions of high pressure. She solves problems efficiently and in a timely manner.


Her various Project Manager roles include working as the on-site PM for SITA in Ecuador. She coordinated the airline personnel and analysed their business needs to establish if there was the need for any additional IT development and in this case prepare the corresponding scope.

She also coordinated training sessions, tests to establish procedures and adequate policies, user acceptance tests and the whole project plan to prepare the airline for the system change. This change implied a mainframe system based for reservations, ticket office and airport services as well as the graphical user interface in some applications. It also considered the web page of the airline based on java and the revenue accounting system that was based on oracle.


Gabriela also worked as the IT Director for “Mexicana de Aviacion” where there were projects of different dimensions and integrating multiple vendors and/or partners and with multidisciplinary teams and different cultures using PMI methodology.

As a project manager and IT Leader, she helped the business area to define the Business Process Management system and implement it; she implemented the automatic ATB ticket with the different Global Distribution Systems (GDS) that the travel agencies used and coordinated the different representatives of the airlines in the Mexican Republic and defined the requirements for the GDS.

Previous work includes PMO for an Aviation Company where she designed and implemented the project management methodology.


Gabriela is responsible, with analytical skills and has the ability to set priorities and promote change. She has excellent communication and mediation skills and a high tolerance for frustration.