Azhar Lakdawala

Advisory Associate

Azhar is a Canadian Citizen with over 20 years' experience and a solid academic and technical background in the Air Transport industry.

He has demonstrated strengths in senior consultancy roles for some of the largest companies, including experience in Team Leading and Performance Appraisal with Emirates Airline, Goway Travel and Gulf Air.


Azhar has specialised in Revenue Management and Pricing and Distribution and is currently working as the Pricing & Distribution Analyst for Gulf Air where he has recommended optimal pricing levels after correctly benchmarking Gulf Air’s product. He has reviewed and recommended optimal distribution channel for agreed pricing and fares to HQ and local management and liaised with fare distribution to distribute pricing and tariffs privately to selected agents.


Previous projects include investigating and proving to a fare filling team that cross border selling is impossible with enhancement in the DCS; the compilation and tabulation of agents flown revenue and target payouts; the minimization of Inventory Misuse and Abuse and the resetting of Ticket Timelimit Parameters; the monitoring of Flights at regular and preset intervals to evaluate selling trend and adjusting inventory as well as group and ad hoc fare acceptance.

Azhar also independently and in record time re-floated the Canadian paper fare with Air Canada without compromising Gulf Air’s yield on European gateways.


Azhar is a consummate professional with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. He has an MBA, B.Com, IATA-UFTAA Standard & Advanced Diplomas as well as IATA Certificates in Airline Marketing and Airline Revenue Management.

He has consistent acknowledgements for outstanding work performance and has demonstrated skills in team leadership and in contributing to bottom line efficiency and profits.