Airline & Government Programme Director

  • 39 year career in the Air Transport Industry with increasing levels of authority

  • Successfully managed major airlines in the United States and Asia

  • Strong record of achievement both in planning and managing implementation

  • Particular expertise and understanding of the technical and financial aspects of management,analysis and planning

  • Extensive records in advisory functions to foreign and domestic clients, airlines, government and aircraft manufacturers

  • Proven record of achievement in negotiation with foreign governments, federal and State Governments as well as within Private/Public corporations

  • Achievements include managing all aspects of one of the largest airlines and largest regional carriers at US airports

  • Whilst Chief Operating Officer for one client he negotiated new agreements with aircraft leasing parties, vendors and airports, allowing them to provide uninterrupted quality service in spite of bankruptcy proceedings

  • Single-handedly reduced costs by $531 million annually and established the airline as the No.1 operator at their airport